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Last Update:  05/29/17


Philadelphia Chapter Meeting - February 7, 2015

Meeting participants enjoyed a quality presentation, “Pennsy’s Development of Electric Motive Power,” presented by chapter member Al Giannantonio.  The presentation included detailed narration, builders and other images, covering early PRR electric motors through the historic GG1 and E44.

Prior to the afternoons entertainment, Modelers Committee Chairman Paul Buckley, presented “Sleepers of the PRR in Interchange Service.”  The Modelers meeting was well attended and all are looking forward to future topics / presentations.

Philadelphia Chapter Meeting - April 11, 2015

The days chapter events began at 11am with the Modelers Meeting.  Modeling Committee Chairman Paul Buckley introduced guest speaker Les Souder, of the First State Model Railroad Club (Dover, Delaware). 

Mr. Souder (above) discussed the F Unit and its variations on the PRR.  The presentation included over twenty highly detailed F Unit HO models.

The afternoons special presenter and chapter member, George Huemmrich (left) , returned to the podium to share new and interesting stories / experiences from PRR, Penn Central and Conrail days.

George’s 45 year career took him around the system.  Having graduated college with an electrical engineering degree, George held many management jobs on the railroad, making stops at Enola, Altoona, Paoli, Sunnyside, Pittsburgh etc.  George’s management titles included Foreman, Master Mechanic, Assistant Supervisor, General Supervisor and of course Supervisor Eastern Region. 

George entertained the membership with accounts of very interesting railroad personnel and problems he ran into over the course of his career.  The membership enjoyed every moment and look forward to having George return, yet again, at a future meeting.



71 page double issue is in the mail!  Issues will soon be available to non-members through the Chapter store.  Issue content includes:

  • Passing Problems in the Subway
  • Colora Station, Maryland
  • What's In A Name
  • The End Of A Noble Experiment
  • Valuation Maps
  • The Modelers Corner
  • Into The Electrified Era
  • Memoirs Of A Junior Engineer

Philadelphia Chapter - June 27, 2015

Chapter members and guests at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania:  on June 27, 2015.   Following the business meeting, museum representatives treated attendees to a sneak peak of progress made on PRR E6s #460 (“Lindbergh Engine”). 

Photo by Charles Crawford

Philadelphia Chapter - September 19, 2015

The Philadelphia Chapter resumed its 2015 schedule on September 19, 2015.

Feature Presentation:

Edward Duffy, author of “Philadelphia A Railroad History,” presented on the development of the railroad industry in Philadelphia and the intense competition that pitted the PRR against the Reading, and those two against the B&O in an effort to dominate the regional market.  Edward crafted the presentation to the area of 30th Street Station and its local improvements.  The Philadelphia Chapter thanks Edward Duffy for working our meeting date into his schedule.

- Edward Duffy presents to the Philadelphia Chapter -
Feature Presentation

Publisher: Camino Books 

The Modelers Meeting:

“100 Years Paoli to Philly / Electrifying & MP54’s”

Modelers Committee Chairman Paul Buckley and guest speaker Joe Spanarelli gave an informative presentation.  Discussion included electrification of the Paoli line and the equipment that the PRR ran under it, including MP54’s.  A number of MP54 and Metro Liner scale models were displayed.

- Paul Buckley and Joe Spanarelli -
Modelers Meeting

Modelers Presentation:

PRR Freight Units Under Wire:  Presented by Modeling Committee Chairman Paul Buckley and Joe Spanarelli.  This modelers meeting was a follow-up to the last (September 2015) meeting and concentrated on PRR and other affiliated railroads freight units running under wire.

New Haven


PRR P5a Electric

Philadelphia Chapter - October 31, 2015

The Philadelphia Chapter met on Saturday October 31, 2015.  The fall weather was perfect and the days activities were very well attended.  The Philly Chapter store was stocked with 2016 PRR calendars, the National PRRTHS store had a good assortment of publications available and other vendor tables rounded out the day with other sought after items and publications.

Feature Presentation:


“The Railroads of King of Prussia, PA:  The Past Leads to the Future,” presented by author Michael Shaw. 
Michael presented the rich 175 year history of the railroads in King of Prussia, including times prior to and after PRR involvement.  In doing so Michael shared his determination that the present day demand for renewed passenger rail service is a microcosm of King of Prussia as it has traveled the path from a rural township to a business dominated suburb of Philadelphia.

Michael Shaw (author)

Michael Shaw (author)

Philadelphia Chapter - December 5, 2015

The Philadelphia Chapter met on Saturday December 5, 2015.  Doors opened at 10:30am. Members and guests were treated to an array of vendors, National and Philadelphia Chapter vendor tables. Holiday shopping was evident.

The days itinerary began with the Modelers Presentation, “Lionel O Gauge Christmas Trains” presented by Ed Kline and Bill Spanarelli. 

Lunch followed in the Dinning Car, where members and guests enjoyed conversation and company.  The Philadelphia Chapter business meeting was next on the agenda, followed by the much anticipated feature presentation, “Pennsy’s High Speed Railway,” presented by Mitchell Dakelman 

Mitchell took attendees on a tour of the  PRR from New York to Washington, with a variety of power including P5s and E44s and of course the GG1.  Mitchell’s slide show included a look at the Northern Central and Port Road.

A special bonus rounded out the afternoon.  A a 20-minute film featuring the 1939 New York Worlds Fair!

The Philadelphia Chapter extends its gratitude to Mitchell for sharing his presentation with the members and guests.  We look forward to Mitchell’s return at a future meeting.