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All Aboard - Railroads and the Historical Landscape They Travel  (November 2014)


Past presenter Mike Froio, now curating a railroad imagery exhibition at the Monmouth Museum (Lincroft, NJ). 

The exhibition features the work of eight photographers who's imagery chronicles American railroads.  Spanning roughly 70 years from the demise of the steam locomotive to the modern railroad age.  Noted photographers David Plowden and Jim Shaughnessy are two highlights, courtesy of the Center for Railroad Photography & Art and are accompanied by works from Ron White, Mel Patrick, Travis Dewitz, John Sanderson, Scott Lothes and of course Mike Froio.  In addition to the photographs, Bennett Levin is lending the museum over 20 historical travel posters and WWII ads from the railroads to accompany the exhibition for historical context. In all there are roughly 100 images in the show with biographical and historical components set in a beautiful and modern museum space.


Philadelphia Chapter Meeting - December 6, 2014

The Philadelphia Chapter’s December 2014 meeting was well attended by members, guests and vendors.  Attendees were entertained by special presenter Mitch Dakelman, film historian and officer of the Jersey Central Chapter NRHS. 

The first portion of Mitch’s presentation was entitled, “80 Years of the GG1.”  A history of the famous locomotive from inception to production discussed through the presentation of never before seen slides, including shots in Conrail colors and images of all still existing GG1’s.  

The slide show was then followed by a 1979 film featuring “60 Minutes” television program of Morley Safer interviewing Raymond Loewy, known as the father of industrial design.  Raymond Loewy was a French-born American industrial designer who achieved fame for his design efforts across numerous industries. He was involved in many railroad designs, including the Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 and S1 locomotives.

Mitch completed his presentation with the 1951 film “Wheels of Steel.”  Produced by the Pennsylvania Railroad, the film featured GG1 electric locomotives in both freight and passenger service.

The Philadelphia Chapter has been invited to participate in October 14, 2014 events, supporting Duffy's Cut at Immaculata University.  Chapter members interested in participating on the “Pennsylvania Railroad” panel are encouraged to contact Chapter President Steve Staffieri.

Duffy's Cut and The Arts - A Symposium - 10/11/2014
Philadelphia Chapter Panel Forming

PRR Cabin Car No. 477768 Returns Home

1941 N5b cabin car No. 477768, having completed a six-year restoration by the Rivanna Chapter NRHS, was recently donated to the non-profit Colebrookdale Railroad in Boyertown, PA.  Videos, images and more...

Commemorating The Opening of
Pennsylvania Station - Newark, NJ

Member Article:  Find in the main navigation menu, ARTICLES or access here .

PRR Position Light Signal System

Find Edward Waytel’s article in the main navigation menu, ARTICLES or access here.

The Rise and Fall of Penn Station - PBS

Original broadcast on 2/18/14;
  Watch on-line at PBS here.


The Spring 2014 issue should be arriving in Chapter members mailboxes.  Issues will be available soon through the Chapter Store.

Issue features include “Some Poor PRR Choices,” “Pennsylvania Railroad
Remembrances,” “A Manhattan Transfer
Photo - The L5 Story,” and “My Company
Car Caper.” 

Read above features and more interesting chronicles, included in Issue No 12.

April 12, 2014 - Chapter Meeting Presentation
Operating MP-54 Commuter Cars out of Philly’s Suburban Station

Presenter Eugene Fagan

Eugene Fagan will talk about his 40+year railroad career operating Pennsy MP-54 commuter cars out of Suburban Station in Philadelphia, PA.

Presentation on April 12, 2014 @ 2pm. / Philadelphia Chapter Meeting, Drexel Hill  PA

“Pier 122:  Rise, Fall & Re-Birth
February 8, 2014  Chapter Meeting Presentation

Presenter Greg Vlassopoulos

Covered the Pennsy 122 South Ore Pier, unloading & loading operations of imported iron ore from South American vessels into PRR Ore Trains, destined for Bethlehem Steel in Bethlehem PA and U.S. Steel in Saxonburg PA.

Presentation was enjoyed by the membership at the February 8, 2014;  Philadelphia Chapter Meeting, Drexel Hill  PA

The High Line - October 2013 Delivey

The double-sized High Line Volume 27 for 2012/2013 is currently being printed and should be mailed before the end of October.  The issue contains a well illustrated feature article on the Pacific class K2s and K3s locomotives that preceded the well known K4s locomotives, which powered the Pennsy’s passenger trains until diesels took over in the 40’s and 50’s. 

Frank Kozempel shares a photographic journey from Camden to Millville, NJ on the not often photographed Millville line of the PRSL and Richard Short gives us an idea of what it was like to live beside the Main Line west of Overbrook in the days when both steam and electric powered the Main Line trains.  Photographic details at the end of the Newtown Square branch line are presented for the modeler, and the editor’s 2010 Annual Meeting presentation of “Foundry, Forge & Fabrication Processes” is put into print with all of the original illustrations used in the digital presentation to the National members.  Some rare images are provided in the Pennsy Pictorial section and a letter received from a member’s wife provides some food for thought for us all.

PRRT&HS Annual Meeting - May 16-19, 2013 / Strasburg PA

On behalf of the Philadelphia Chapter of the PRRT&HS, I would like to thank all those who attended 45th Annual Meeting of the PRRT&HS, in Strasburg PA, on May 16-19, 2013.  We broke all past attendances with a total of 500 attendees. The banquet was unbelievable, being held in the center of all those PRR engines at the Railroad Museum of PA.

Steve Staffieri
President of the Philadelphia Chapter PRRT&HS