Issue 6 - Chestnut Hill - Fort Washington (May, 1982–reprint)

This work focuses on the development, construction and operation of the rail line which eventually became known as the Pennsylvania Railroad's "Chestnut Hill Branch" and its offshoot, the "Fort Washington Branch."

Volume 6 – 3&4 / Volume 7 1 - The Octoraro Branch  (Summer 1986, 4th printing).

Known as the Mushroom Train issue, this Highline is packed with information, pictures, timetables and track plans of this wonderful, interesting branch and the towns that it served.

Volume 9 – 1 - The Delaware Avenue Branch (Autumn 1988-reprint).

Bob Penrose takes an amazing look into the PRR extending its empire to the Delaware River. Bob steps through transportation history slowly narrowing down to the struggle to forge through the city of Philadelphia. It all wraps up with discussions on the Connecting and Junction Railroads.

Volume 9 – 2&3 - Harrisburg (Winter, Spring 1989-reprint). Part 2

The second volume of the Delaware Avenue Branch concludes with the maturing of the rail system feeding on the Port of Philadelphia. Ownership changes, listing of sidings, pictures of motive power, aerial photos and track charts all show the congestion that once fed the Philadelphia railroad juggernaut. Then Linda Olsen tackles the Harrisburg Terminal in the same fashion including the electrification program that affected much of the plant from the facilities all the way back to Downingtown.

Volume 10 – 1&2 - Army/Navy Game Trains  (Autumn, Winter 1989-reprint).

A tribute to the trains that served the famous game that Philadelphia hosted for 99 years. Trackside and aerial photos as well as track diagrams show how the PRR brought its usual flare to this big media event. Polished GG1’s and M1a’s pulled endless strings of special Army/Navy trains heading for South Philly all followed up by beautiful observation cars. The 1939 Worlds Fair w/ the S1 is also covered.

Volume 15 - Broad Tower–Electrification in 1915 (1995). 

Broad Tower is examined with some great photos. Our Lewistown excursion, Lansdowne Station reopening, * a listing of all previous Highline issues *, and "50 Years Ago" series.

Volume 16 - The Paoli Local–Delmarva Trip (1997). 

The route of the Paoli Local from Overbrook to Paoli written by the late Jim Lynch. A very detailed history covering everything from the original alignments and construction to structures and timetables involved on the famous Main Line. Baldwin memories, the Delmarva Fan Trip, and The Photo File.

Volume 18–1 - West Chester Railroad Company and Pennsy Pictorial of My Last Ride on the Broadway Limited (Spring, 2002).

The late 1920s were dynamic times, full of discoveries and optimism. Farsighted men were developing new technologies that would change the course of the nineteenth century. In the field of transportation, a revolution was at hand. This issue delves into the changes that took place during the late 1920s into the early 1930s, especially focusing on the origin of the West Chester Railroad Company.

Volume 18–2 - Elkton & Middleton Railroad Company (Autumn, 2002).

The Elkton & Middleton Railroad Co. of Cecil County seems to be a very much misunderstood little part of the overall history of the PRR. The E&MRRCo. was the last of several attempts to link the town of Elkton, MD, with the Maryland and Delaware points farther south on the Delmava Peninsula. In this issue, the making of the E&MRRCo. is explored in rich text, photos and maps.

Volume 19–1 - Rail Cars to Wilmington (Spring, 2003).

One of the first sounds the author, Richard E. Hall, would hear in the morning was the air horn on one of the PRR gas motor cars, on its way from Oxford, PA down the Octoraro Branch to Perryville, MD, on its first trip of the day. This issue explores the design, configuration and use of these and other motorized PB&W and PRR rail passenger cars.

Volume 19–2 - Lamokin Wye & Shops and Wilmington at War (Autumn, 2003).

LAMOKIN was the diverging point for the Chester Creek branch (now abandoned) which followed its namesake creek until it joined the West Chester branch. A small MU yard once existed here. The tower sat on the west side of the tracks. This issue focuses on the Lamokin wye shops, the tracks and operations in and around the wye.

Volume 20–1 - Railroad Terminals of Philadelphia (Spring, 2004).

The PRR may have been destined for greatness from the very beginning, whether by simple geography or the skill of its projectors, but the process of its development in the City of Brotherly Love was neither simple nor always skillful. One of the feature articles in this issue, The Railroad Terminals of Philadelphia, explores the beginnings of the PRR in Philadelphia and how it evolved.

Volume 20–2 - Wawa & Concordville Railroad (Autumn, 2004).

Pennsylvania saw an explosion in the growth of new steam tourist railroads in the early to mid-1960s. From the start these "recreational railroads" won instant popularity with families cruising the turnpikes in Chevy staion wagons in search of weekend fun and leisure. The feature article in this issue focuses on the rise and decline of one such "flash-in-the-pan" tourist line--the Wawa & Concordville Steam Railroad, 1960-1970.

Volume 21–1 - Lewistown Junction (Spring, 2005).

In the feature article of this issue Bob Watson writes: "As a third generation PRR employee, I have long been aware of the genetic influence of my forebears and seem to have developed my railroad interests in a manner similar to those of my parents and grandparents." One Hundred Seven Years Ago at Lewistown Junction, using the PRR station superintendent's office log as a basis, takes a look back at the goings on at Lewistown Junction a hundred years ago.

Volume 21–2 - Cristina Creek Pumping Station (Autumn, 2005).

This issue explores through text, drawings and maps, the planning and events leading up to and beyond the 1906 Wilmington Improvements.

olume 28 - HighLine
Issue 13 - Keystone Chronicles


71 page combined double issues of the HIGHLINE and KEYSTONE CHRONICLES.

Passing Problems in the Subway
Colora Station, Maryland
What's In A Name
The End Of A Noble Experiment
Valuation Maps
The Modelers Corner
Into The Electrified Era

Memoirs Of A Junior Engineer

These Special Publications represent
a continuation of the Philadelphia
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of the Pennsylvania Railroad
in the Delaware Valley.

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Keystone Chronicles - Issue No. 1
(April, 2001)

In October, 2000 the PRRT&HS wrote to all of the PRR veteran members of the Philadelphia Chapter and asked them to recall and write brief accounts of memorable incidents from the days of their employment. This is the first issue of the effort to chronicle those wonderful memories during their employment by the "Standard Railroad of the World." Thanks to the editorial efforts of Bob Watson and others, and the contributions of many retired PRR employees.

This very first issue includes accounts of the PRR Apprentice Program,  work in the Freight Traffic and Freight Rate departments,  an incident as crew dispatcher, How the Centipede Lost Their "As" and "Bs", the PRR Mechanical Department, The Lewistown Incident, A Bad Day on the Buckeye, The Leaning Car of 575, photographs and much more.

Keystone Chronicles - Issue No. 2
(March, 2002)

The second issue of the Keystone Chronicles includes articles written by former PRR employees on the New York Division T&S Work, T1 Tales, PRR Memories: 1) Ballast Cleaner, 2) Vegetation Control, 3) Sperry Car, 4) Steam Engine Rides, 5) Other Engine Rides, 6) Trainmen's Strike, 7) Derailments in 52nd Street Yard, 8) Last Passenger Train Out of Oxford, 9) GG1 Test, 10) Welded Rail for 30th Street Station, 11) Cromby Yard, 12) Side Track Facilities for Acme Stores and A&P Stores, 13) Media, 14) Wreck at Paoli. Also included are an Oral Historys of Al Eldredge and Dave Cope, Bridge Fires, and many supporting B&W as well as Color Photographs.

Keystone Chronicles - Issue No. 3
(April, 2003)

The content of this, the third issue, comes primarily from the annals of the MW and Mechanical Departments and, as has become customary, several are illustrated with vintage photographs submitted by the authors.

Keystone Chronicles - Issue No. 4
(November, 2004)

This fourth issue chronicles the PRR careers of John B. Fulton, Lawrence R. maenner, A Ride on a Pennsy Mail Train, Getting to Work at Brill Tower the Hard Way, The Wreck of the Federal (Union Station, Wahing ton, DC, Jan. 1953) with supporting B&W photos, Derby Day 1961, A Flat Wheel on the Southwind, The Pittsburgh Division Tackles a Messy Problem.

Keystone Chronicles - Issue No. 5
(December, 2005)

It is with great pride that the Philadelphia Chapter of the PRRT&HS brings this fifth issue of the Keystone Chronicles to press and to its members. Included are "Mr. GG1" - A Son Remembers His Dad, The PRR Career of John B. Fulton, Part II, Summer Firemen on the PRSL, The Case of the Errant RPO Car, A Strange Day Involving Bobby Kennedy's Funeral Train, Personal Railroad Recollections of the PRR, memories of the Marietta Brance, Fireman Paul Reynolds and the S1 No. 6100 Chicago - Ft. Wayne in 1940, and many supporting B&W as well as Color Photographs.

Camden & Amboy/Southern New Jersey Light Rail Transit System Tour Guide (© 2003 West Jersey Chapter, NRHS, Inc.).

This 16-page guide starts out with a Brief History of the Camden & Amboy Railroad and Transportation Company. It continues with a Mile-by-Mile description of the new Camden & Amboy/Southern New Jersey Light Rail Transit System, which you can ride from the PATCO Transportation System Station in Camden, NJ all the way up to Trenton, NJ where you can then board an NJ Transit Train into New York City's Penn Station.

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