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Model Railroad
Open Houses
November 2017;
Delaware & Maryland...

Model Railroad
Open Houses
November 2017;
NJ, PA, VA & WVA...


TCA Atlantic Division
Train Show
Red Hill / PA
November 18, 2017;

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40th Anniversary

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The Philadelphia Chapter
40th Anniversary

 Banquet summary and
 pictures available here...

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December 9, 2017
February 10, 2018
April 14, 2018

Drexel Hill Methodist Church
600 Burmont Road
Drexel Hill, PA


May 9-12, 2018
Altoona, PA

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The High Line

“The High Line” is a Philadelphia Chapter publication, included with all memberships.

National PRRT&HS Membership Meeting

If you are a National society member, you will receive or may have already received a notice of a special PRRT&HS membership meeting set to take place on December 16th. This meeting will involve a crucial vote on an amendment to the Society bylaws intended to change the definition of "quorum" from "one more than half" to "20 percent" of Society membership. The reasons for this are spelled out in the letter that was sent out.

In order for this vote to be valid, more than half of the Society's 2600 members must either vote at this special meeting or RETURN THEIR PROXY BALLOTS IN THE SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE ENCLOSED WITH THE LETTER YOU RECEIVE. Therefore, I kindly request all National society members among us to return these ballots with a vote of "FOR" once you receive them.

Steve Staffieri, President


“The High Line”
2017 Philadelphia Chapter Publication

“The High Line" a 2017 Philadelphia Chapter publication.
Arriving in mailboxes now!

New memberships will receive this addition while supplies last.